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Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
However, as said in an earlier post, we wanted to make sure the releases are good and asked to not put it up there. But... like always and before...
When I encountered the thread, two weeks had passed since your remark that you want to have verified that "all is good" before someone uploads it to Aminet. I figured the chances that somebody would report any problems were pretty slim by now.

I could have put it on my todo list, but with the size of said list and my limited spare time, that basically means it'll never happen. I had a few minutes to spare, so I uploaded the disks.

someone can't / won't wait so he's the first to put it up.
The readmes clearly state where we got the disk images.

So don't be shocked if you find something in there is broken.
The readmes of the disks marked "bad" warn about potential problems. I don't know how many people downloaded the files from the XCopy shrine, but with up to a hundred downloads per disk from Aminet, chances that somebody actually complains about problems he encounters increase a lot, IMHO.

Stay tuned for more releases, more versions, a never before released version of X-Copy (due later this year hint hint), and even the SOURCE (by Richard Aplin) for Cyclone. Yay, I am really excited about this.
So what do I do about further uploads? Don't want to step on anyone's toes here. I can hold back on crossuploading further releases (but as I said, that basically means i'll forget about it) if the XCopy shrine webmaster wants to promote his site first.

Thanks for your (as in "both of you") efforts, btw.
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