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Hey guys, before I open a new thread I thought I'd ask here first.

I've installed DoG on HD using winuae, the usual A1200 setup, just like I did on my original Amiga.
Now, the game works fine except for sound playback: music during intro and gameplay is very choppy and weird, like it's missing some notes, and sound effects in combat are distorted as well.
I've tried messing with winuae's sound settings (esp the stereo/channel mixing, which I suspect is the culprit here) but I can only get it to sound worse, not better.
Did a quick test and other games (ie Ambermoon) don't seem to have that problem.
I'm not sure if the game originally had compatibility issues with the A1200 but I don't remember having these sound issues back then.

So has anyone encountered that problem and possibly have a solution? Thanks.
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