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1) Yep. But as with anything cheap from DX, buy two in case one is broken on arrival!
2) Yep. But it's possible your HDD LED won't respond anymore.
3) 4-8GB will be enough for internal storage. Depending on the filesystem and Workbench revision you have, you may be limited to 2GB partitions. If you're prepared to go to a slight amount of effort to set up the drives with the PFS3 or SFS filesystems instead of the standard FFS, you'll be able to use any size card and partitions you want internally. As for the PCMCIA CFs, they won't need to be formatted at all, you keep them using the FAT filesystem so that they're readable on both the Amiga and the PC, and you just need to install the FAT95 filesystem and PCMCIA card driver.
4) It's definitely worth replacing with a CF card. There's much lower risk of overloading your PSU, it's silent and boots faster.
5) What are you using for a display? If you have an LCD TV/monitor with S-Video inputs, you may want to get yourself a cheap S-Video adapter for a sharp, flicker-free display. You can get these and plenty of other cheap, useful hardware bits from

Good luck with everything. If you end up getting some extra RAM in there (either from a RAM/FPU card or a CPU accelerator) you'll have endless fun to discover for years to come!

And welcome to the Amiga community!
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