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Question A1200 + CF cards?

My A1200 is completely stock.

1) Will this PCMCIA adapter work in both my Amiga and my laptop running Windows XP?:

2) Will this IDE adapter work in my Amiga?:

3) I only buy SanDisk cards because they seem to be the most reliable brand. What speed/size card do you recommend?
I have read that 4GB with 2GB partitions is the max for an HD replacement. Is that true? Is it the same for PCMCIA?

4) I already have an internal HD in my 1200. Is replacing it with a CF card really worth it?

5) Anything else I need to buy? Anything else I need to know?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I am completely new to the Amiga and to this forum! I've had an Atari 1040STE and a C64C for a while now, but recently got this PAL A1200. I plan to use it mainly for tracking, and as a MOD jukebox. Also maybe some game-playing and demo-watching. Planning to set up ClassicWB and WHDLoad.
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