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I'd like to see a 'super daughter board' (TM) from Mr J.

The idea would be to combine existing Individual Computer's products into a single PCB that would be mounted on the main board. It would attach at the ROM chips, custom chips and clockport and would also use the HD cradle holes to secure itself properly (no more Indivision 'pop off').

It would add the following features to a standard A1200: IndivisionAGA (with chunky next time thanks Jens), Fast ATA/IDE Express & MP3/MIDI decoder. It would also have a decent 2.5 mount (unlike the standard crap) which could house a 2.5 SATA drive (including SS of course).

You'd have to send your MB off to AmigaKit to get it fitted because as part of the install they'd need to route the clock port's sound card to the standard outputs and would also desolder that waste-of-space RF output to mount the VGA-out. It would also have an eSTATA port mounted in the 'blank' next to the floppy for using mem sticks, external drives etc.

It would of course all be FPGA based and cheap as chips

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