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Just an update for those who doesn't know.

Since the version in my first post, some new stuff has been added to the game.

* A Combo System. This was to remove the max-score-limit. Because before the combo system, if the player had all hearts left when killing a boss + collected all items and killed all enemies, he would have a certain score. Hard to do, yes, but eventually more than one player would have succeeded. So now with a combo System, there more or less is no score limit.

* Because of different keyboard limitations, a Set Key System was added. Some people couldn't press up/right+fire at the same time as their keyboard doesn't register that combination. There are so many different keyboards out there all with their own limitations. One example is my own keyboard, it register all possible combinations, but doesn't like a+s+d at the same time.

* Added a "back-to-menu" key to the game over menu.

* A Suicide Key, incase you fail somewhere, missing important stuff and want to start over quickly without having to wait for the enemies to kill you or refresh the browser.

* There's also a downloadable version (exe) for people with slow computers. It runs 30% faster than the browser version!.

Those are the main things, the rest are just minor stuff like a bonus room which needs 3 pink keys to get into, some bug fixes, polishing....

Personal best combo is 20

edit: maybe a mod could change the title of this thread to "Ruff 'n' Tumble: Mashup (flash game)"

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