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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Show them to me.

Ones which are :
  • Still manufactured today.
  • Not PATA/SATA drives re-branded with third party scsi adapters
  • Narrow SCSI not SAS.
LOL okay okay... I get your point.

However they still make SCA80 2.5" SCSI drives - to buy one new would be insane - but you can pick 2nd user up for about £1.22 per GB (36.1GB = £44) - on eBay - SCA80 can be converted (very cheaply) to Narrow 50pin SCSI with a $2 adapter

However as far as I am aware they never produced a Narrow SCSI drive in 2.5" format - as you know they moved to SAS a while back (blame apple) and the SCA 80 (wide scsi) will eventually stopped...

But the truth is that its all swings and round abouts - the price you pay for a SCA80 2.5" drive you could invest in a SCSI-PATA-IDE / SCSI-SATA-IDE bridge and plumb any el-cheapo 2.5" PATA/SATA hard disk with next to no performance loss on an Amiga.
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