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Originally Posted by DeluxePhoton View Post
I'm a bit out of touch with Amiga software.

I have fitted a new floppy drive in my A500 which is working (thanks to another thread on this forum).
About a third of my old floppies are knackered but about two thirds are still working.

I have a working disc with Amiga MultiDos.
Can I put the Xcopy ADF file on a PC formated floppy and use Xcopy from that (using Multidos), to make backups of my working Amiga software??

I'm just trying to figure out how to get the xcopy software onto an Amiga disc.
If you've got a real Amiga with CrossDOS it's pretty easy to get the files across, you just use transdisk or similar. You'll need to split it in half to fit though.
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