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Can someone explain me how is a lbm ham file coded inside or give me a link me to an explanation of this format ( i have tried to see inside but it is not clear enought )?

If it's not to difficult and if i have time enought i can TRY to write a c source to convert for examples a ppm files into a lbm ham file.
For now i have made a program that allows to convert a true color ppm file into a 4096 ( max ) color using a rgb palette with 12bpp, 4 for each channel.

It's in the zone, with examples of what it can do and the source code.

What i need to TRY to proceed is an explanation like the following ( of the Portable Pixel Map format, ppm )

P3 - P6 file type, the first for ascii, the 2nd for binary
# Comments the comments are preceded by a # character
x y numbers for the width and the height
Max intensity usually 255

then there is a matrix for the pixel values ( this one is for the ascii format )

r g b r g b r g b r g b where every rgb rapresents the values of a single pixel, described with 8 bit for each channel.

( example: 255 255 255 0 0 0 means that there is a white pixel ( 255 255 255 ) followed by a black pixel.

( i think lbm ham format isn't too different, except for a binary code instead of an ascii )

Thanx in advance.

Also about gif displayers:

I have tried VirtGif: compared to Dispgif is: much slower ( moreless 10 times...) , only ntsc and it produces more noise.
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