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Thanks chaps, I really appreciate the kind comments.

RO3.12 - what? never heard of it?

It's the result of a converstion I had with Tom a while back - how to hack RO3.1 to work with that d*mn Turbo-board I can't get to work with anything but RO2.0.

From (dodgy) memory he hacked the boot-check code for me (and bumped the version)... I've yet to buy a Rom-blower I've yet to give it a go. (sorry Tom)

He also did a little proggie (in a flash - boy he's quick!) to allow further mods to the RO3.* ROM - kind of like the Amiga Romulus/Remus apps...
...I've been meaning to get in to some majour hacking - like add out of the box serial mouse support and make the ROM-changes of Classic RiscOS part of the ROM rather than soft-loaded (saves memory). But life's (still) too busy ATM.

I hope you're enjoying CROS.
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