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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Although I don't want to encourage anyone to tinker on the boards (see discussion over at, I can assist by marking the IPL0/IPL1/IPL2 lines on the accelerator(s). I'm not a programmer, more like an oldschool hacker and with very limited assembly knowledge. I found that my "personal survival kit" (cmon and megamon) are qute rarely used tools, probably because they're neither available on PD disk collections, nor on Aminet. They remind me of the good old S-MON on the C64 :-)

This is the first time I hear abour HRT-Mon - will take a look. I found a 1998 version on Aminet including all sources - can anyone check if it's complete, if the toolchain can still be set up after 12 years?

Sounds good! I was gonna post a link to the latest HRT but Toni W beat me to it. (:

Btw, do you know where I could find those monitors you mentioned? I'm curious to try them out. (:
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