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Very kind, thanks prowler.

I hope you (and others) think it's worth the download. There's some obvious extras over the previous release but most of the major work is under the surface...
...I've updated / fixed / rewritten a lot of how Classic RiscOS works for additional features / niceness / stability / ease of configuration...
...oh, and I've gotten the file size down a bit - d*mn, there goes that job with M$.
There's also a hidden backdrop in there, somewhere.

As usual the full version comes with Arcularor + a tweaked 3.1 ROM + tweaked CMOS.
ArcStick comes with VA5000 + above tweaks - most of the apps. (games all present)
Lite version (when it's done) comes with nothing.

Feedback welcome - I think this is pretty close to as good as I can get it, though I have further plans... future changes / improvements are likely to be driven by suggestions.

(I may actually spend some time making sure all the games + emulators work properly now I'm more pleased with the set-up. Some 'shovelling' may have gone in to those - especially the emulators)
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