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Originally Posted by moriez View Post
I think that one didn't come out too well
Awe, I liked it.

Originally Posted by moriez View Post
Did you do the comparison btw?
Nope. Just an initial non scientific by ear test.

Windows XP SP3, 32-bit
Sound Blaster Live PCI card.
Deliplayer 2.50b (Stereo join @ 50%, oversampled, click filtering off, equaliser off)
WinAMP 5.58
SurfSmurf Oldskool plugin 0.88 (Stereo join @ 50%, emulated Amiga Filter)

I felt that playing cust.hiscore there was a slight perceptible difference starting at time 1.42 in the handling of volumes on the main instrument. Slight, but noticable. Need to record them, compare. Check against a real Amiga. Perhaps try the non-cust versions in Deliplayer with the right ron klaren driver.
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