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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
In the UK, you wouldn't be guaranteed to get much more than £10 on ebay for an A500. Not worth the effort.

There were just too many of them made.

If I was getting rid of my A500 it would go to the bin before mess about with eBay & posting etc.
It would kill me to toss something that still worked (that sounds a tad perverted doesn't it), hence the reason for my storage container.

If i'd have done that I would never have got back into the Amiga scene, fitzsteve wouldn't be pulling his hair out trying to help me in my dullards quest to get my 1200 set up correctly and Chris from Amigakit would save time in the day from packing up my stuff to post off and he wouldn't have to listen to my insane ramblings down the phone.
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