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Originally Posted by chrispy View Post
I can't use the easy adf disc coz I haven't for a floppy drive in my system lol. I've installed the hard drive, copied the workbench discs to the root of the cf card and put it in the amiga. It's going through the install process but after I choose my OS (3.1) and click next it's staying greyed out and nothing is happeneing.
You're going to need to do the work in WinUAE then becuase to do the nstall on an Amiga you need real disks in the floppy drive, you can make these disks from the ADF's with the EasyADF boot disk but thats not going to be very easy without a floppy drive

So, take your CF out of the Amiga, hook it up to your via card reader PC. (don't whatever you do let Windows format that card!)

Now run WinUAE and load the standard A1200 settings in quickstart.

Go to the Rom tab, browse and select the 3.1 Rom Image.

Go to the hard drive tabs, choose 'Add Hard Drive'

Add you CF Card as a Hard Drive (it should show up a RDB USB Storage or something like that.)

Hit 'Start' on the WinUAE Gui.

The CF HDD should boot and you should see the Amigakit installer screen (assuming this is how they set up the CF)

Follow the onscreen instructions, to insert your Workbench ADF hit F12 and go to the Quickstart Tab, then under DF0 'insert Disk' and browse for the ADF that the installer is asking for, then hit 'Resume' on the Gui.

Continue activation as per the onscreen.

Once done, pop the CF HDD back in your Amiga and you should be good to go!

Good Luck!
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