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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Does the kit come with EasyADF?

This is a boot disk also, so grab the ADF's you need (Google for them )

Write the ADF's back to floppy using the EasyADF boot disk (just need to copy the ADF's to the CF card that is for the PCMCIA card reader (again assuming your bought the EasyADF/PCMCIA transfer kit)

And then you can make you Disks.

If you need any blamk disks PM me I've got loads and can send you hald a Dozen for the price of P&P


Edit: If you only bought the CF-IDE HDD just activate it in UAE under emulation with ADF's of workbench disks, in fact this is the easiest way!
I can't use the easy adf disc coz I haven't got a floppy drive in my system lol. I've installed the hard drive, copied the workbench discs to the root of the cf card and put it in the amiga. It's going through the install process but after I choose my OS (3.1) and click next it's staying greyed out and nothing is happeneing.
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