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well according to motorola / freescale

The 020 has a theoretical limmit of 3MIPs at 14Mhz -
the 030 at that speed will be pretty much the same - as there is very little difference.

one could expect a 28mhz 030 to achieve 5.5mips - the only thing slowing this would memory latching timmings - SDRAM would aleviate most of the delay that DRAM sufferes from - however there is a physical maximum the CPU can actually do at a said frequency.

Now, an 030@56 with SDRAM would be interesting in performance terms - I think it could achieve a good 10 / 11 MIPS

however in terms of the Amiga, this is only half the story - as it will need "quick write to chip and read from chip" - this would be down to the motherboard - as A1200 mobo revision will differ quite a bit - this will be the speed breaking point of the accelerator. as far as I know the APollo 030 - 060 cards are the faster chip-write cards (nearly 10% faster than the blizzards) however this is a trade off as we have found these cards can have compatability issues with certain motherboards (namely 2B and 1D.4)

This is very iteresting news from Jens - I look forward to the realease of these products especially how he achieves this on the A600 030 design =)

I just hope he can release them and it doens't got the way of the A630 project- as these products would indeed be a great boon to the community.

If Jens is reading: Some extra features in time for Christmas =)

Please Santa-Jen's - could I have one of the following made into my Accelerator card

1. An onboard 10mbit Network card
2. An onboard Fast IDE or SCSI
3. An MP3 decoder (possible MP4 ?)
4. An onboard Graphics card? - perhaps an FPGA implemenation of a Voodoo3?
thanks Santa!

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