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Originally Posted by LamboJay View Post
Totally agree AOS should go ARM. I said that in my previous post. Great for low end and mobile devices. They're cheap for the same reason x86 is cheap. You will never see a desktop ppc board for that kind of cost. For maximum desktop performance x86 is the way to go. There's a reason nobody builds atom or arm based desktops.
You said "consumer" so I dint really understand what you were saying. I agree that it would take some serious effort to embrace a modular system like x86 has, but is this really needed for "consumers"? More often than not you have to replace your Motherboard when buying a fancy new CPU anyway, and I wouldn`t consider classic keyboard-type Amigas "desktops".

Performance of ARM and MIPS CPUs quickly approaches levels where you really couldnt care for more for everyday tasks. To me, if someone is content with running Linux for all his needs (Im certainly not) then theres no need for either the Windows or x86 lockdown.
The problem is that lacking the capability to run Windows is a serious blow to most people and unacceptable if its their one and only computer. And thus there just aint enough market for a diverse non-x86 modular system, its not so much the need for performance IMHO. Btw, there are Atom-powered desktops (for example by Zotac) and mainboards available

So I will likely always have a x86 based system around, but thats all just more reason that eventual "hobby-systems" arent crippled by that horrible architecture.
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