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Really? Nowadays you get very cheap system-on-chip modules. Just look at The Beagleboard, this certainly aint more expensive than Atom-based stuff even if it pushes nowhere near the numbers. In fact the only reason to go x86 still is either software compatibility or need for highend-performance - Intel ships around 200 Mio CPUs per year, ARM totals over 3 Billion (I know theres also AMD and Via but I think its safe to say that there`s atleast a factor of 10 difference)
If there were such a Beagle-board with a couple more connectors (sata!!) I`d likely be running one now.
Totally agree AOS should go ARM. I said that in my previous post. Great for low end and mobile devices. They're cheap for the same reason x86 is cheap. You will never see a desktop ppc board for that kind of cost. For maximum desktop performance x86 is the way to go. There's a reason nobody builds atom or arm based desktops.

So a dual strategy, ARM for mobile, x86 for desktop. Hmm... that sounds familiar

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