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Originally Posted by LamboJay View Post
It's not popular but it's the truth, The only way to sell hardware at an acceptable price is to make it x86 based. Nobody wants a $1000 motherboard to run AOS and linux. 20+ years of PC vendors fighting it out has dropped the price such that nothing else can compete in the consumer space. That's the real reason Apple switched to x86.
Really? Nowadays you get very cheap system-on-chip modules. Just look at The Beagleboard, this certainly aint more expensive than Atom-based stuff even if it pushes nowhere near the numbers. In fact the only reason to go x86 still is either software compatibility or need for highend-performance - Intel ships around 200 Mio CPUs per year, ARM totals over 3 Billion (I know theres also AMD and Via but I think its safe to say that there`s atleast a factor of 10 difference)
If there were such a Beagle-board with a couple more connectors (sata!!) I`d likely be running one now.

Gahh... I wish I would understand a thing about Hardware design.
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