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Hmmm From the soft-15 khz wiki, I see this as far as resolutions they support:
  • 25KHz
    • 448 x 384 @ 60Hz
    • 512 x 384 @ 60Hz
So, can you set your machine to do one of those resolutions?
I thought soft-15 would have given you that option when you installed, but I haven't used soft-15..

Getting there tho!!


No theres no installation, you just run the app and it has a list of adapters on the left hand side and I only have one which is the Radeon card. you then click on what resolution but it "appears" to do nothing although I guess it does BUT and heres another but....

I just tried the computer again without running soft 15khz and I get exactly the same as mentioned above so it appears as though soft 15khz makes no difference at all unless im doing something wrong!
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