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Originally Posted by moriez View Post
Well, if I don't turn ''Wide Stereo'' on no tune plays correctly at all. Is this normal?

I'm thinking that I was right and you've listened to tracks on the PC for too long

The Amiga was 4-channel. Two channels unique to left, two unique to right. With wide stereo & join stereo both OFF you get faithful representation of the real Amiga. If you are listening using headphones though this will sound strange with the channels separated (but just as strange as it would if you were listening to the real Amiga using headphones!)

Wide Stereo is a post-processing feature. I believe it mixes left and right together with delays intended to simulate the distance between wide speakers? Not sure it is 100% faithful to the Amiga sound but I like it though.

Originally Posted by moriez View Post
''Join Stereo'' must be off or again the channels get messed up. This is with all formats, mod or exotic.
Join Stereo mixes the separate left and right channels together so you can listen to them using headphones without it sounding strange. You can control the amount of channel mixing in the Mixer Control.

Originally Posted by moriez View Post
Setting ''Mix Quality'' to scaled doesn't do a thing for me.
Very strange. Play any chip tune and switch between "Scaled" and "Interpolated Quad" and if you cannot hear a change, a filtering, then your audio equipment (soundcard, amplifier, speakers, ears ) must be so poor the difference is lost.

Originally Posted by moriez View Post
Right now I am playing Ron Klaren's BattleSquadron endtune
Endtune?? Do you mean hiscore or game_end?!

Originally Posted by moriez View Post
and when the melody comes in in DeliPlayer it is just way too soft. The oldsk00l plug-in in WinAmp has no problem with it at all
Tell me which tune and I'll have a listen and see if I can notice the difference. Just to satisfy my curiosity.

You know what you like though. I don't think it really matters if it is faithful or not?

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