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Originally Posted by bLAZER View Post
Hi there,
no BZR Player doesn't care about extensions for 99% of the formats. I am aware though that a lot of exotic Amiga formats aren't playable. What formats do you have i mind?
For example these ones that DP2.5 has no problem with:

deltaMusic 2.0

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
As for the panning, you sure you didn't have wide stereo set? Or Join Stereo? Were you playing 8-channel mods? You can try changing the mixer plugin and setting "Mix Quality" to scaled.
Well, if I don't turn ''Wide Stereo'' on no tune plays correctly at all. Is this normal? ''Join Stereo'' must be off or again the channels get messed up.
This is with all formats, mod or exotic. Setting ''Mix Quality'' to scaled doesn't do a thing for me. Right now I am playing Ron Klaren's BattleSquadron endtune and when the melody comes in in DeliPlayer it is just way to soft. The oldsk00l plug-in in WinAmp has no problem with it at all

What formats were you using? Some replay routines have options. For example the Lionheart Sonic Arranger tracks need the Arpeggio switch toggled in that player.
Formats like above.

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