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Well I picked up an Amiga 1200 from E-bay with yellowing keys for £35 plus p&p. I then bought a 4GB Compact Flash disk off E-bay also for £39.99 inc p&p. This little device has 2,400 WhdLoad games on it so a bargain.

Once putting the CF hard drive into the Amiga, which was pretty straight forward, I soon realised that many of the games would not load due to low memory. I could run many from the CLI but I really wanted to run them from Workbench.

I was told about Here I bought an Apollo 1220 Accelerator card with 4mb of memory for £53 inc p&p. I installed that and now my Amiga 1200 can run 95% games off the CF HDD and WB runs much, much quicker.

Also purchased a Zip Stick off E-bay for a few pound, and I had to source a mouse so chose the origianl A500 one.

So far I have spend around £130 to get myself a nice little Amiga 1200 that can run pretty much all the games I want.

Currently the Amiga is connected to my projector via composite, and to a Creative 5.1 surround system using left and right phono. I am looking into getting a Scan Doubler as I would love to use the computer on my existing 22" Acer LCD monitor.
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