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Originally Posted by moriez View Post
I used to use dp1.3 and today I tried their last version. It seems to play the songs better although the panning is not right. Some channels are louder than others so it doesn't sound like it should.
Could it be that you've listened to too many mods on the PC using inaccurate players that you prefer that sound?

Deliplayer 2.5b is pretty faithful at playing back almost anything. As for the panning, you sure you didn't have wide stereo set? Or Join Stereo? Were you playing 8-channel mods? You can try changing the mixer plugin and setting "Mix Quality" to scaled.

What formats were you using? Some replay routines have options. For example the Lionheart Sonic Arranger tracks need the Arpeggio switch toggled in that player.

To me, Deliplayer is better at playing even MP3's than most PC players. The frequency separation is so much better. I dunno if that is due to the default settings or if I've tweaked them over the years. But it is miles better than WinAMP, FooBar and a whole load of other players.
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