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Thanks for the welcomes guys, already feel at home.

Yes, one of the 1200's was mine from way back as was one of the CD32's. I bought them on the tail end of the Amiga scene (just as it was dying). They were mint in the storage container but bloody mice got in there and chewed the boxes away to nothing, polystyrene as well. The other two 1200's and the extra CD32 were bought for (future) spares but I didn't realise how tough and resliient these babies are. All three 1200's kicked in straight away (albeit with screeching noises coming out of the floppies) and one of the 32's has got sprinkles of white paint over the top lol.

If I can sort out this CD32 emulation that Chris from Amigakit was telling me about today I may end up E-Bay'ing the 32's though. No need if I can do it through my 1200.
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