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For those not keeping up, it's not looking too good for the X1000.

After the initial bizarre announcement, progress has been very slow and details scarce.

If it ever does make it to retail, it will obviously sell a few units to dedicated Amigans but beyond that....

If this was Hyperion's 'master plan' after fighting so long with Amiga Inc for the rights then they are in big trouble.

After all the dust settles I guess AROS will be the only one still standing

You have to wonder how different things would have been if they hadn't gone PPC back in the day with OS3.9 (68k to x86 is much easier [see WinUAE] than 68k to PPC to x86).

I would have loved to have seen an 68060 specific OS3.9 running on 100Mhz boards with some decent memory, that would have been impressive

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