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writing amiga discs from a .adf in an amiga 500

Hi, first of all i'm VERY happy to see an amiga forum so big and alive and great that this one.
I think the AMIGA 500 is the greatest game machine ever, and i still have my A500 in remembrance for a lot unforgetable moments.
A couple of days ago, i've decided to borrow the A500 to my little sister, (she lives far from my house). I have a lot of discs but i've seen in internet a lot of great games that i dont have in discs.
My problem is that i want to copy the .adf's into real AMIGA discs.
I found a program to copy a .adf into an amiga disc, but it needs Kickstart 2.0. I have an A500 with 1mb, KickStart 1.3 and 2 disc drives. Anyone knows a really feasible method to copy the .adf's into real AMIGA discs?.

Greets and Thanks.
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