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Originally Posted by chrispy View Post
Which chips should I be looking at for the revision number and if it's Kickstart 3.0 should I upgrade to 3.1?
The two horizontal rectangular chips in the middle of the motherboard are the Roms, they will probably say 39.106 (this is 3.0) or 40.68 (this is 3.1)

There's no need to upgrade them unless you want to run OS3.5 or 3.9 only these latter OS's need 3.1 Roms.

Also, what other mods / upgrades should I be looking at doing, any suggestions would be welcomed? I can't wait to show my son what playable games were like instead of these fancy graphics laden offerings that make the charts today.
A simple upgrade is a CF-IDE adapter and CF card as hard drive, silent and low power. If you want to run games off the hard drive (WHDLoad) then you could do with a 4 or 8mb trapdoor Ram upgrade.

CPU Upgrades (Accelerator cards) that also fit in the trapdoor will let you use the latter OS's and enjoy the more advanced games like Doom. But these will start to get costly.

Enjoy your Amiga adventure.


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