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Originally Posted by techn1um View Post
The controls on the cabinet I think will need replacing, they feel crap and the buttons tend to stick when your pushing them down.
If they are authentic arcade controls then 5 minutes with a screwdriver and some cleaning products and they'll be as good as new.

Originally Posted by techn1um View Post
Not only that but the cable I showed you that I brought which connects to the ps2 port has bigger spade connectors so they dont fit the buttons as they are half the size and they dont fit the joysticks at all as they dont have the spade connection type connectors.
Two minutes with wire trimmers and 0.50p for some new spade connectors and you're done. Assuming everything is compatible. I'm sure you asked the guy selling the ps2 cable if it worked with the virtua striker (1994) controls? I'm pretty sure it will they will be standard digital joystick & buttons.

Originally Posted by techn1um View Post
So you mentioning jpac might be an idea
I though JPAC was exclusively for JAMMA/+ Cabinets. But I could be wrong. It could be for anything. Plus do you really want to spend more money before you've had a play?

Originally Posted by techn1um View Post
How do I know if the screen is damaged from the refresh rate as it could be that its knackered already from when I connected it to the pc.
It won't be. They are hardy things. If it worked when you got it then it will work.

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