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Thank you all so far for your advice. I am listening im just on call at the moment 24/7 so time is really limited.

OK the pc is a standard windows xp tower with intel processor. At the moment I dont have anything installed on it, I never knew there was any other options other than Mame as thats all I ever heard about. The cabinet is wanted for playing stuff like Galaga, pac man, space invaders for the wife and kids and then more modern stuff for me and the reason I was also keeping Windows was I am hoping (you can probably tell me) that I can play modern windows games on it as an arcade cabinet too.

There is no graphic card in the machine but if you think I should have one then I can buy one.

The controls on the cabinet I think will need replacing, they feel crap and the buttons tend to stick when your pushing them down. Not only that but the cable I showed you that I brought which connects to the ps2 port has bigger spade connectors so they dont fit the buttons as they are half the size and they dont fit the joysticks at all as they dont have the spade connection type connectors. So you mentioning jpac might be an idea, but as I said the first thing is to get the monitor to display the windows screen...well anything actually! *sorry just found out jpac is a board thing, I thought it was for the controllers. Doh!!! So may need suggestions for controllers later then!

I dont think my cabinet was jamma, even if it was theres nothing left in it other than the controls and the monitor, all the cards/boards have been removed.

How do I know if the screen is damaged from the refresh rate as it could be that its knackered already from when I connected it to the pc.

I am reading this thread and will try this soft 15khz thing mentioned just once I get time to play with it.

thanks again.

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