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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
I think it just reads a sector at a time and overwrites the old data with the new, even if the new data is less reliable than the old.

What you describe as a better alternative (i.e., adding reliable data from each read to past reads) sounds more like very expensive forensic quality disk imaging software!
Not fully, no. I think it does keep some - Green sectors, at least.

Very expensive as in hundreds or as in thousands?
Originally Posted by Photon View Post
You might have told us your setup at the start, we're not psychic

I guess known good disks read fine? I.e. write a disk, read it back, compare - or similar. I guess you're reading Amiga disks written on an Amiga and not with the CW? Were they written on DD disks or HD disks? If HD, is the HD-hole still covered?

Just wondering how you have reached the tentative conclusion that all your old disks are duff.

Tell us more.
I humbly apologize for not being perfect.

I've got no known good disks. Yep; old amiga 500 stuff. They've got one hole on the upper right, so DD, I think. I used to know that stuff...

Went through a bunch quick. Fields of red with patches of yellow, maybe green.
Originally Posted by chiark View Post
^^^^^This +1. +1 again. And then + another 1.

Seems to be worse with PCs, but I have seen this with Amiga, too. Drives fail.
I ran a disk through 99 retries; the drives not faulty. It's not necessarily a good floppy drive, but it's not damaging. I think. There's no scratches, anyway. Just shiny disk.
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