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Evil grin The Top 10 of ugly women in Amiga games

Unfortunately, not all of the ladies that were featured in Amiga games looked like the maidens in Defender of the Crown. Being the superficial being that I am, I decided to show you the 10 -in my opinion- worst representatives of the weakest sex:

10. Kid Gloves 2

Sure, I'll hurry. I'll hurry away from that weird looking girl whose eyes are almost as big as her boobs!

9. Vixen

She looks like an aunt of mine. That is not a good thing.

8. Thunder Boy

It's hard to like a girl who looks exactly like you, only with worst hair.

7. Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters

She looks like a 50 year old Medusa!

6. Brides of Dracula

Dracula stories are supposed to have an underlying sex theme. Well, in this case sex probably means transvestite twins.

5. Yolanda

How many monsters do you see in this picture? If you answered three, you missed the sinister eyes peeking from the temple. If you answered two... you're weird.

4. Burning Rubber

I've heard of butch, but this is ridiculous... I guess that no matter what porn movies say, you don't find many beautiful women in garages.

3. Killerball

No comment.

2. Qix

This would have been my number one if I was certain it was a woman. There is a hint of a cleavage, but is that a beard??

and the winner is...

1. Wrath of the Demon

OK I like chubby girls as much as the next guy, but I do insist on a hint of oestrogen! I'll fight as many dragons as you want, just keep her away from me! The bad thing is that I'm pretty sure the designers were going for attractive. What's worse is that this is a game with otherwise excellent graphics. No excuse!
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