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Yeah, I tried the OpenNap thing, ended up only finding one song I wanted. While I found a lot of stuff to get, only one ever transferred is how I should say that. Thoroughly unimpressed.

I also hate how WinMX FORCES you to download the latest version by not allowing itself to connect if there's a new version available. And nowhere on their site is there any indication of what is new on the latest version(s). With that in mind, I have just stopped using the bloody program.

Is there some unwritten law in "PC programland" that if you ever score a successful program, it is a requirement that it begin a downward spiral and progressively suck with each new update. How many programs can you name that really improve with each upgrade? The few I can think of that improve also have the caveat of stiffer spec requirements to run. But I can only think of a few.
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