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Originally Posted by sjakie43 View Post
Hi again,

Simcity bbs> what do you mean by that?can i run it or?
Ascii collection >still nothing happens
Every joke is deadly> THANX !works ok now
Latest news>i already had that working Asle(see previous comment i made in this post)
React>still not working here,only black screen that stays black.

Simcity BBS won't be run as is (at least, I couldn't make it run). Runs all right if decrunched. Just for info
Can you update your list ? It seems I'm lost.
Anyway, it appears I'm unlucky in my attempts, most of the time, to help you. I still don't have a clue about this demobase of your . Ah well, I'm updating Kestra anyway and if I stumble on one prod on your list, I'll give you what info I have.
And for the record, note that all the above "successful" launch were done from HD.

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