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Large number of cheap X68000s available on YAJ

They're all the Compact XVI model. They all seem to have the mouse/keyboard and they are all are priced at around 4680 Yen (that's about $56USD) before shipping and commission and re-shipping with the YAJ proxy service of your choice. These machines were actually listed a few weeks earlier, but they got lost in the shuffle as there were 50 of them. The ones that didn't get sold have now been relisted:

There's some caveats. First is that they're all untested (but they do power on, and show signs of life). Second is that they're Compacts. The disks can be written on modern hardware, though the software hackery needed to do so can get troublesome under modern Windows (it's probably easier under Linux, but that's just a guess).

The biggie, as I've just found out, is that Compacts use SMT electrolytic capacitors. From the early 90s. If you've ever owned an Amiga 4000, or a Turbo Duo, or any number of 68K Macs from that era, you know what you could be in for if they've started to leak.

A friend of mine bought one from the last round, and it arrived in good working shape. It was showing signs of cap rot, but that was eventually fixed. It should run fine for years to come.

Like with all X68000s, you will have to build a (fairly simple) custom monitor adapter to allow a VGA monitor to work. The system does not play nice with LCDs, either. Don't let the appearance of the controller ports deceive you- Genesis/SMS controllers will NOT work with them without modification.

Anyway, these are a bargain if you want to get a real X68000 of your very own. They usually go for a LOT more, and don't always come with the (ultra-proprietary) mouse and keyboard. If you go for surface shipping, your grand total will be just under $150 - which is less than a quarter of what these machines typically go for when they show up on eBay.
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