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Originally Posted by techn1um View Post
I havent yet had a reply back from Andy but that could be because they only work Mon-Friday.

So are you guys saying that I have the wrong arcade cabinet then?
Not necessarily. AdvanceMame had an option for 25Khz. alexh is right, you just have to get it setup on a regular monitor first. Then you switch to the arcade monitor later. However, you might not want to drive the arcade monitor at the wrong frequency until the software loads. There are ways around that too, but it gets complicated. (Or simple if you just, once you get it sorted, power on the PC, wait, and then power on the monitor.)

However, the ArcadeVGA might be just what you need to make this much easier. I think there is a good possibility it will do what you want; I didn't need it with my cab, but I was looking at it..

I'd give Andy some time..

And make sure that you tell him that you have a medium res monitor and you'd like to use it for running Windows emulators. He'll tell you if it's designed to do that and any issues..

good luck..

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