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Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
Yip, me too, but then, I am Slayer :-)

Perhaps if everyone was like me and never actually stopped using an Amiga they'd feel a similair way... Most of you who say it isn't even an Amiga anymore, I can ask, what exactly should it be for you to support it as an Amiga? If it had continued on evolving what components do you think would be in it? I'd assume it would use some type of current development...

I will never understand humans, they are so, fickle,,, LOL

I went from a A4000 to a SAM, then I brought a SAM Flex... I will buy the X1000, hell, I don't even have to think about it... later on I'll get the SAM460 too...

You's enjoy your older Amiga Systems... but then again, I have SH*TLOADs of that gear too
Simple. If the following code makes the background white it's an Amiga.

move.w #$fff,$dff180

By that definition UAE is more of an Amiga than the X1000.

X1000 == Sad parody built out of obsolete off the shelf parts.
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