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Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
Most of you who say it isn't even an Amiga anymore, I can ask, what exactly should it be for you to support it as an Amiga? If it had continued on evolving what components do you think would be in it? I'd assume it would use some type of current development...
Interesting question. If C= Amiga the company still existed today without all the bad management of the early 1990's then imo we'd see the following;

1995 - 1997 - AAA with 3000+ released

Yes, inevitable the transistion from the Motorola series would have to stop at some point... PPC introduced naturally. PPC would have been scrapped 8 years or so in 2002.

The Amiga today would slaughter everything, Windows would wimper at its very presence and it would be a killer in the studio/video arena with the Super Toaster, probably being powered by an 8-core Intel processor and secret highly developed Super-Alice providing so much graphics power it'd toast anything in its path. Zorro would be on version VI.

Workbench would be on version 8, boot up time would be 3 seconds flat, kickstart would be Mischa Barton holding a floppy disk for legacy applications (did I mention it would emulate old stuff too?). Then when she loads up the new generation apps she'd put some shades on and spin up the 100MB system partition (yes, workbench wouldn't be full of bloat but useful things instead)....

The xbox360/ps3 would be as useful as an Atari Lynx and the world would be a better place to live in.

Amiga means 'revolution' and the x1000 doesn't. But each to their own! That's 2 sales worldwide so far!
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