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Found at least 1 that seems to work with the 1.60 that is on the EAB file server:
Got it from this thread:
(Thanx alexh!!)

When I run it, it says registering.. There's a lot of floppy activity (using WinUAE), and then it goes to the next step, which I'm going to cancel since I didn't copy my DH0 disk before I started and I'm not sure I want to clean up whatever it leaves behind in case it does mean things to my startup stuff. ;-)

OK, the "disk activity" was "registering" the floppy. When I ran it a second time, it didn't ask for the serial number again.

However, I am not seeing anything that looks like it supports network cards.. It still looks like it want to be serial.

Of course, I don't have a manual. When I run the main app, it has a window with a text entry box and a "connect" and "disconnect" buttons. When I click "connect", it asks about a null connection, so the box would be where the ISP phone number goes I am guessing..

It does look very light weight tho. The 1.60 version said it's optimized for a 68020, but includes a version for the plain 68000.
I'll try it on an A500 1.3 type setup and see what happens. It even has an "install to floppy" option.


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