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1) Alien Breed 2: Assault, second part of the "reboot trilogy", should be out this month for XBLA and PC:

2) I played Evolution quite a bit and have finished 2 levels (out of 4) (+ the prologue level). So here is my opinion.

First level was relatively disappointing for me.
The game felt more like a survival horror with "fed ex" quests rather than reviving the AB spirit.

However the second level, although it started in a similar fashion, was far more entertaining. It still remains more on the survival horror side rather than on the arcade side. But there were some well placed intense fights, alternating with phases focusing on exploration occasionally interrupted by alien attacks.

I suppose the game continues on this trend in the next levels so I guess I can recommend the game as one to get to have a pretty enjoyable experience (you will need something like 1 hour of play to go through level 1 though).

I am still convinced that Shadowgrounds and Shadowground Survivor do a better job as an Alien Breed tribute. Not only on the arcade-y side but even on the "frightening" side, especially during some encounters with the Scytheworms (the enemies who are cloaked most of the time).
Still, you should have some good entertainment with AB Impact.

Edit: Don't think I mentioned it before, but there is a "mod" for Shadowgrounds that tries to make it looks more like it was an Alien Breed game:

Check the screenshots to see the differences. Nothing major but still some nice touches (especially with the Special Edition).

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