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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Having lived with a netbook a year or so ago I would never go back to a screen under 15". The amount of eye strain is unbelievable, don't even talk about the headaches.
That's funny. My wife will only give up her Dell mini if you pulled it from her cold dying hands!!

We have a larger laptop that is also hers, which is now mine, as she doesn't want it...

No problem at all with the 10" screen.. No headaches..

She only uses it for web stuff tho...
(She's a business analyst, so there's a LOT of that.)

For reading books, I use my Nokia 770. She uses PAPER. Only PAPER!
We have thousands of books. I keep telling her I can fit all of them on a laptop or Kindle for her, and she laughs. It's about PAPER!! ;-)

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