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Am I going to buy it ? No. I dont have that kind of money to waste. Even if I did, still a resounding NO. I wouldn't buy it for half that price.

Is it any good? At what exactly ? Being a PC ? Nope. Being an Amiga ? Certainly not - it cant do the old stuff - the only thing "Amiga" about it is that it runs a newer version of the os.... which does feck all.

It is a toy for gullible fools to waste their money on. £1500 is nearly "Mac Pro" money. For that I would buy either a monster PC or a VERY hi spec iMac. It would be quicker, have more software and be "more useable" than some overpriced POS with an Amiga badge on it.

I love my miggie(s) I do. But I have long since realised that Amiga as a viable alternative platform died a painful death a long time ago. It survives as a retro platform, nothing more.

What I would like to see is reimplementation of "classic" amigas with new features, i.e. an A1200 with inbuilt SD/FF and so on. surely that is more realistic, and would probably generate more sales...
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