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Well, if it's stuff you've made yourself, or rare stuff, I would give it a go. For all else there are plenty of disk images on the net already of pretty much all types of programs that you can get and put on brand spanking new floppies.

I have a habit to always open the flap and check that the disk surfaces are dust-and hair free (if it's not I blow it off) before I put a disk in any floppydrive. That's a good tip even if the disks are supposed to work fine, cos then you get much less dust accumulation inside the drive.

You haven't written what setup you have. If you have an Amiga without an external floppy I would recommend that regardless, and then you could read the disks with that before giving up on them. There are floppy drive cleaning kits on and eBay if you suspect the drive(s).
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