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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Hiyas guys,

for the Apollo 060 and the Viper 060 (both similary based ACT cards)

you will need tocopy the Apollo libraries from DF0:LIBS/ to your HDD:LIBS/

so that - LIBS:

68o4o.library [43] KBytes
68040.library [392] Bytes
68060.library [64] KBytes
Thanks for the info mate, I already done the Apollo libs but not the cpu60 so its a good job you posted.
You should then copy from DF0:c/ to HDD:C/

Ok so this is done now =)

if you are not using CWOS3.9 then you will also need to replace / patch - setpatch in C: (I would recommend setpatch43_b)
Sorry mate I don't really understand what you mean here, I've not had to do this before. I'm usind the P96 pack which is Workbench 3.1 with lots of frills...

now edit the S:startup-sequence and after setpatch place the following:"cpu060 B" (without the quotes)
Ok I attached a screenshot of the startup sequence I have now, do I replace "QUIET" with "cpu060 B" ????

When using Workbench to dump files across remember to rename or delete the orignals first- I have found that when using the drag 'n drop method of workbench it doesn't overwrite the existing file.
I used DOPUS to transfer so no problems here

I have attached an Apollo install disk, the installer is buggered/mashed/broken so dont bother with that - it says it works but never does.

just follow the instructions above and that should have you sorted =)
Thanks mate, I already had the disk from Peters post so I think that should be ok

Cheers, Steve.
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