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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Sorry for not mentioning it but I am not really interested in this thing after recent happenings..
That would have been the last thing I wanted to accomplish. Obviously my understanding of the right attitude towards creative work of others and their respective wishes differs from what others here think about such issues. So I decided to stop my work. But that should be the only consquence of this controversy.

I really don't think that should influence you and your work in any way. It's a great feature that many people would really like. And I'm pretty sure there will be others doing more bezels, who maybe don't want to retain at least a tiny little bit of control over the work they do. I for one would have had many ideas for future images aside from simply showing a monitor and some disk drives. And others will too.

Whatever you may think about the 'recent happenings', please don't let that stop you ironing this feature out until it's really useable for everyone.
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