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No I wont, I have already invested into 4.0 on the classic PPC. It was great, but compatibility with classic applications left a lot to desire - so I sold it and I sold the PPC cards.

Then I got a Pegasos 2 (not Pegasus, I dont know what kind of Amiga system that is) to run 4.1. The Pegasos 2 motherboard is very nice IMHO and 4.1 was nice to use. It was awesome to be able to have a "modern" Workbench system...

...but it was not worth it in the long run IMHO, 600 euro was a lot for a toy with no sentimental value, I would rather have 600 tied up in a classic A4000 - So I sold that one to.

Dont know what the x1000 will offer that the Pegasos 2 could not, Peg2 at 1GHz is still one of the most badass 4.1 systems on the market and I suspect it will be able to hold its own even against x1000 for a while. What use is 2 cores?! if it was x86 we could at least run Wine apps on the other core.

Also, I think Frieden brother (dont know which one) is acting very negative on in combination with Hyperion lack any serious direction for Amiga, felt weird running AmigaOS4.1 and being happy when they are so grumpy and angry. I dont want to use such a system without a positive direction.

Makes you wonder, if Amiga is supposed to be all about 'remember when computing was fun' why they never loosen up on forums. And leaders need to be strong and point into the future, this is what the Amiga should be, not just a fun hobby system. It was fun as long as it lasted but I am all for 68k classic, AROS and maybe MOS now.
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