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I would love to own a computer that had the spirit and standard hardware of the original Amiga, fact is, what worked back in 1985 won't work today.

The absolute ONLY way a computer like that would work would be if Sony made something like a Playstation based computer system that would give people a standard hardware platform that would encourage a new wave of programmers and designers just like the Amiga did.

No tiny outfit is going to have the financial clout to produce a machine that can compete with consoles, let alone high powered PC's.

In 1985, major chip manufacturers that spent billions developing better and better video chip and sound chips didn't exist, hence why the Amiga was so revolutionary.

Technology actually had some time in the 80's and 90's to be used properly, now, its a race to made hardware redundant 6 months after its released.

There will NEVER be another Amiga unless someone like Sony recognises that a machine should be made.

X1000 won't be etting my cash thats for sure.
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