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If it's an original Virtua Striker, then it has a "medium resolution" monitor.
The stats for that (from KLOV) are:

Scan Frequency: 25.00 KHz Scan Frequency: 60.0 Hz
Scan Period: 40.0 ÁSec Scan Period: 16.7 mSec
Active Video: 32.0 ÁSec Active Video: 15.4 mSec
Video Delay: 7.2 ÁSec Video Delay: 1.2 mSec
Sync Pulse: 4.0 ÁSec Sync Pulse: 0.2 mSec
Scan Line: 640 Pixels Screen: 416 Lines
Resolution: 512 Pixels Resolution: 384 Lines
Clock Freq: 16.00 MHz

So you'd need a video card in your PC that can sync to that..

Or something like the ArcadeVGA card to drive the monitor.
It's possible your card can do that, but you probably need to look at something like AdvanceMame or ???

It's not a JAMMA cab, so you'll have to manually do the joysticks.
This site: will have everything you need for interfacing if you want to do that...

Good luck! It's fun and worth it!

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