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I'm tempted on a sam440 system and even that seems expensive just for something to tinker with (curse my expensive hobbies) but I can't see this selling very many at that price.

A remade and backward compatible A1200 style system sold at a reasonable price would sell loads IMO. Look at all the money people are pouring into classic A1200 upgrades - £30 for a CF drive kit, 20 for transfer kit, 200 for an 030 accelerator/ram, 120+ for an Indivision (which people snap up like hot cakes when they grace us with their very rare presence)... The money and market are there.

As much as I love the old Amiga and am intrigued by new developments though it's the same old "everyone wants to squeeze your wallet HARD" feeling it's always been, and so something sensible like that is out of the question.

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